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ConnectTV OTT Over the Top

Media Consumption Has Changed

75 Percent of ConnectedTV US Households

Consumers now watch what they want, when they want, where they want, and on the platform they want. Lifestyle and passion are the demographics of the future. Targeting motivated buyers according to lifestyle, goals and purchase-driving passions are key. No more guessing demographics based on ratings. Why bother about old-school demographics like gender, ethnicity, age or education level when you can target anyone who is passionate about your products?

The time is ripe for a video advertising boom as house­holds adopt a new technology with record speeds.

Why It Should Matter To You

260 Million ConncetedTV Households

As a marketer you now have the rare opportunity to be a first-mover, an early-adopter, or at the very least a fast-adapter- receiving “all eyeballs” on your ConnectedTV (CTV) Campaigns.

ConnectedTV, also known as “OTT” (Over-The-Top), or Streaming Television, is among the fastest growing phenomenon of our times and has accelerated in powerful shifting consumer habits.

With CTV, you pay only for actual ads viewed instead of ad-runs with an estimated viewership. No more guessing, projecting, estimating of potential viewers, readers and listeners, demographics and value of your ad-placement based on ratings. CTV Advertising allows you to control your ad-budget at all times.

Our End-To-End Solutions

Want to reach the most people with the most powerful form of media today? Would you like to do that at the most affordable price?  Would you like to be able to reach people on RokuTV, AppleTV, Amazon Fire TV, AndroidTV and on mobile devices as well as the world wide web?  Then Canna TV is your solution!

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